Friday, 10 February 2012


I've been wanting to try my hand at granny square blankets for a while now, but always get started and then find myself getting bored. I don't really know why!

The first thing I ever learnt to crochet was a giant blanket, just going round and round in different colours. It came out really nicely and I was working on it for a good couple of years...then I discovered amigurumi!

After having a very quick browse online, I have come across a book called Crocheted Throws and Wraps, by Melody Griffiths.

I was most drawn by the colours on the front of this book, and I am particularly in love with the green and pink floral squares in the top right.

Has anyone tried any of the patterns from this book? I'm really tempted, and would love to see some of the things you've maybe created using this! Any pointers much appreciated!


  1. I bought this book for the rug in it (don't have the book handy and can't recall the name of the project); it is three large squares assembled in one row with tassels on the corner. I have an almost-completed version of the African beaded throw in a cubby in my crochet empire, and I have used the pattern for the individual yo-yos (the whole reason I bought the book), but have not yet made an afghan using them. I love the projects in this book. Excellent choice.

    1. A good one for someone like me, with the attention span of a gnat then? I think I may treat myself when I've got my current amigurumi projects finished (such a long list right now!). Thanks!