Monday, 9 January 2012


My boyfriend and I took a trip to Charmouth today, to go and walk on the fossil pavements, during low tide. I've only done it a couple of times before, and the weather wasn't too bad (for the first time in a while!) so it was so nice to get outside and get some proper fresh air!

Looking out along the beach

We made sure we arrived at lowtide; which was at 12:03 today, so we got there for about 12:30. We walked straight out onto the pavements, which are only exposed at lowtide, and started looking for the Ammonites that are embedded into the rock. Managed to find loads! And they get better, the further out you walk.


There were also some beautiful rock pools, further out, which looked amazing in the sun! I was most intrigued by the colours of all the seaweed; absolutely beautiful ^^

I love how the sky reflected in the water

It was really lovely just to be outside and around nature, with my camera. I didn't take any spectacular photos, but it was just fantastic to shoot something! I'm hoping the weather starts clearing up soon, and Spring kickstarts so that I can begin shooting my favourite subject; flowers! Until then, land/seascapes it is!

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