Sunday, 29 January 2012


I've done a lot of work on my Lydia Tresselt pattern in the last few days, and it's really coming on now! I've actually nearly finished, which is awesome! I managed to crochet for 7hrs while I was at work a few nights ago (it was a really quiet shift) which made it come on a long way. And today I settled down to watch some films and do a bit more. 

First up was "What Lies Beneath", starring Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer, which is a film I bought on a whim recently, that turned out to be really good!

I would highly recommend this one to anyone! It's a great supernatural thriller.

Next up, I decided to keep with the supernatural film, and put on "The Mothman Prophecies", which again, is a fantastic film!

So I was wondering; do any of you like to watch films while you crochet? If so, do you have any recommendations? I'm a massive horror/thriller fan, so that's where my passion lies, but I'll give pretty much anything a go! And if you don't like watching films, what do you do instead?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Happy Yarn!

Logged in to Twitter earlier to find this adorable post by CuteDesigns!

My yarn talks to me!

Definitely brought a smile to my face! You can check out Cute Designs' shop on Etsy by following this link!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sirdar Snowflake

Yesterday, a parcel arrived containing an order of Sirdar Snowflake Chunky yarn, which I ordered for a future project. I am in love with this yarn!

Shades "Pink" 0654 and "Milky" 0630

I've worked with Snowflake quite a few times in the past, and I would class it as one of my favourite specialist yarns to crochet with. It brings your projects to life and really adds something special to them! It's also fantastic for children, because it's soft and fluffy but doesn't shed fur everywhere. 

Snowflake Lion, in "Teddy", "Rusk", and "Lemon" shades

The K.I.S.S Series Lion (which is no longer available for purchase, unfortunately) has to be my favourite Snowflake creation so far. The yarn worked perfectly with the style of the animal and I was so pleased with the finished product!

Anyone who is in two minds about using more specialist yarns to crochet with, I would highly recommend giving it a go. And if yarns like this aren't readily available to you, try looking on eBay! I can buy a wide variety of colours in the town I live in, but it is vastly overpriced. I got the above balls for £1.61 each ($2.50), whereas I would be spending at least £3.00 in town. Definitely worth having a browse online!

I can't wait to get started on this project! Need to finish my current one first though!

Monday, 9 January 2012


My boyfriend and I took a trip to Charmouth today, to go and walk on the fossil pavements, during low tide. I've only done it a couple of times before, and the weather wasn't too bad (for the first time in a while!) so it was so nice to get outside and get some proper fresh air!

Looking out along the beach

We made sure we arrived at lowtide; which was at 12:03 today, so we got there for about 12:30. We walked straight out onto the pavements, which are only exposed at lowtide, and started looking for the Ammonites that are embedded into the rock. Managed to find loads! And they get better, the further out you walk.


There were also some beautiful rock pools, further out, which looked amazing in the sun! I was most intrigued by the colours of all the seaweed; absolutely beautiful ^^

I love how the sky reflected in the water

It was really lovely just to be outside and around nature, with my camera. I didn't take any spectacular photos, but it was just fantastic to shoot something! I'm hoping the weather starts clearing up soon, and Spring kickstarts so that I can begin shooting my favourite subject; flowers! Until then, land/seascapes it is!

Monday, 2 January 2012


Beheaded! My new ami's finished face!

I'm enjoying working on this pattern so far. It's really easy to follow, and is written nicely (I also liked the fact that upon purchase, there was an option to buy in either English or German...I'm not German, but the option was nice haha).

Anyhoo, I did a couple of hours work on her last night. Back on the same shift this evening, so I will start on the hands and body this evening, if I get a chance and am not too busy with the little one. It's definitely nice to be working on something that isn't Christmas related, again!