Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Begins!

Well, Christmas had already started in the world of Siân, but yesterday I helped my boyfriend decorate his house. Ok, I say helped...I more supervised...and decorated myself...

The great bauble experiment!

It was good fun! I have never seen so many Christmas decorations, and they aren't even finished yet!!

In my house, we only really decorate our lounge. We have a tree, which is always red and gold themed in decor, and then we cover our fireplace in holly and fairylights, which always looks nice. We have decorations that my Mum has made over the years as well, including custom advent calendars for my brother and I, and stockings which come out nearer Christmas Day. No decorating in our house until after the 15th December though - my Dad doesn't like it being Christmas before his birthday haha!

I am going to spend the rest of my afternoon wrapping presents now, and trying to get everything in order and sorted before I go back to work on Thursday night. Hopefully I can get it done! If not, I'll just have to try and fit wrapping in, whenever I'm not sleeping. Not ideal but I can get by xD

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