Friday, 18 November 2011


Oh dear...everything was going so well...

I am going to have to excuse myself from my crochet for the next week or so, due to an unforeseen accident at work. 

Tampon finger!

I was cutting medical tape for a probe at work, and slipped with the scissors. Oopsie (I'll admit, I said something slightly more hardcore than "oopsie" at the time, but this is a family friendly blog!). Anyway after 40mins of bleeding, and frantic texts to my fantastic colleague Jo, who very kindly did some long distance first aiding for me and prevented me from bleeding to death, I finally managed to get a makeshift dressing on it, and continue my shift. The above, is dressing #3. I must admit, I am not enjoying walking around with what looks like a giant tampon on my finger, but hey!

So unfortunately, I am out of action for a little while, until my finger decides it wants to play along!

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