Sunday, 23 October 2011

Stitching Away

I've had a really chilled afternoon, working on my unicorn again. We had a bit of a heavy night in my house last night, so it as nice to relax this afternoon and do some more on this pattern. Currently working on the head, and am about to attach the horn now! Slowly piecing her together...on the home straight, I suppose. Once the repetition of making limbs is out of the way, it always becomes a million times more exciting! 

Crochet and pyjamas? Match made in heaven!

Nothing beats being in your pyjamas and chilling out; it's the best feeling ever! Also, check out my socks. I totally fell in love when I saw them!

So the above picture is basically my set up when I crochet. I like to lean on a cushion when I work, and end up taking over the whole sofa, in my house! Giant bag of toy stuffing on the left, next to my bag of tricks - loads of yarn, hooks, embellishments....all kinds of things that I acquire along the way! Also; I'm not sure if you can see from the image, but I crochet with two hooks. Those who used to check in to my old blog, will have seen a video tutorial for this, and I promise I'll make another one in the next couple of days, so that new readers can see what a freak of crochet I actually am! I just find it easier with two hooks haha!

Anyway, only a quick check in from me today, as I am about to head out for bowling and pizza with workmates!

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