Friday, 28 October 2011


Hello world! 

It's almost 3am here in the UK at the moment, and I'm currently at work (hence the reason this entry will be short and sweet). 

Just wanted to update and say that I've just finished the head piece for my unicorn! It still needs it's finishing touches, but it looks so cute! Really pleased with how she is turning out so far.

I've taken some photos, which I'll do my best to upload in the next day or so...depending on when I'm asleep and what I'm up to. Can't wait til she's finished!

What projects are you all working on at the moment?

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Stitching Away

I've had a really chilled afternoon, working on my unicorn again. We had a bit of a heavy night in my house last night, so it as nice to relax this afternoon and do some more on this pattern. Currently working on the head, and am about to attach the horn now! Slowly piecing her together...on the home straight, I suppose. Once the repetition of making limbs is out of the way, it always becomes a million times more exciting! 

Crochet and pyjamas? Match made in heaven!

Nothing beats being in your pyjamas and chilling out; it's the best feeling ever! Also, check out my socks. I totally fell in love when I saw them!

So the above picture is basically my set up when I crochet. I like to lean on a cushion when I work, and end up taking over the whole sofa, in my house! Giant bag of toy stuffing on the left, next to my bag of tricks - loads of yarn, hooks, embellishments....all kinds of things that I acquire along the way! Also; I'm not sure if you can see from the image, but I crochet with two hooks. Those who used to check in to my old blog, will have seen a video tutorial for this, and I promise I'll make another one in the next couple of days, so that new readers can see what a freak of crochet I actually am! I just find it easier with two hooks haha!

Anyway, only a quick check in from me today, as I am about to head out for bowling and pizza with workmates!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Around Midnight...

Late last night, while at work, I managed to get my crochet out for a couple of hours and finish a little bit more of my unicorn's final leg!

The hoof, and some of the gorgeous shell stitching I've mentioned previously!

Also, as promised in my last entry; the gorgeous yarn I am using for the hooves on this particular piece is SIRDAR Crofter DK, in shade 0052 "Thistle". It's a Fairisle effect double knit yarn, and it's so soft and easy to work with! Lovely gradient shades of pink, purple, cream and slate.

As for the main body of my unicorn; I'm using SIRDAR Snuggly, in shade 0303 "Cream". I'm yet to decide what the other colouring for her will be; we'll see where the mood takes me.

More pictures soon!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New Project

Hi all, been a bit longer than I intended, but I've been busy at work!

I started a new project today. It's another Dawn Toussaint pattern; Hermione The Unicorn. I've already finished her arms and have started on a leg. Absolutely love the shell stitch edging on her ankles! It's such an adorable touch!

Anyway, I bought some really lovely yarn to use on her hooves, which I will post a picture of tomorrow when I remember what it's called (am useless bed!).
Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive and haven't forgotten about this place already.

To make up for it, here is one of my latest photographs...
Weymouth Bay - 11/10/11

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


A Dawn Toussaint pattern
I would like to introduce you all to Poppy; my latest finished project! I started Poppy back in about April, but because of work and social commitments, I haven't had the time to work on her solidly and get her finished...much to my frustration. 

Poppy was requested by my neighbour, who saw another version of this pattern that I had made; Fleur. She fell in love with it, and said that she would love for me to make a version for her friend's daughter, Poppy. I really loved making Fleur, and Dawn's patterns are such a joy to work with, so I was looking forward to working on this one! So glad it's finished though; does anyone else get those really stale periods where they can't focus on anything? Nightmare!

Poppy is yellow in colour, with big green eyes and red shoes. She has a handmade red dress, with a button embellishment on the front. She also has cute red freckles on her cheeks.

I'm pleased with how she turned out. I must admit, it's not been my favourite piece to work on, because it's taken me so long, but I'm so glad she's finished and looks as pretty as she does! I really hope her new owner enjoys her, and appreciates her as much as I do. 

Huge thankful shout out to Dawn Toussaint, for her beautiful patterns by the way. You are a complete genius; I'm in awe!

Hello and Welcome

I suppose an introduction is necessary! My name is Siân, although some people refer to me as Shaz; hence the blog name. I am 22 years old, and work as a clinical support worker, with children that have longterm health complications. I'm also a part-time photographer - that's my true passion. Anyway, I suppose I should put a face to the name!

Red hair, brown eyes...that's me!

I've been crocheting for many years, but only really started getting into it in about 2007, when I discovered amigurumi! I can safely say that this is now my favourite style of crochet, and it's so flexible to what you want to achieve from a piece. Also really easy to get the hang of! Prior to that, I mostly made granny blankets...I don't have the patience anymore!

You may have seen me lurking on Ravelry; if you use the site, please feel free to check out my profile and add me as a friend! 

What am I hoping to use this blog for? Well, I used to have a blog on Livejournal, of the same name, but until today hadn't posted since 2009! I used to upload my own patterns, along with tips, tutorials and opinions and various stuff. Really miss blogging, so thought I'd start fresh on a new website, with new people, and see what happened!
So that's about all there is to know about me. It'd be great to get to know anyone that decides to follow me and my ramblings!