Saturday, 9 June 2018

My First Fibreshare!

Fibreshare first came onto my radar last year and I have followed it properly for a few months now. I decided to take the plunge and participate for the first time, and today my parcel arrived! I was so excited opening it!

My partners are @miss_bs_emporium (who I am sending to) and @bianscha (who I have received my parcel from). I've really enjoyed the process of getting to know these two lovely ladies and hunting for items I think that Miss B will enjoy!

Without further ado, here is what my lovely new friend Bianca has sent me!

Happy post!

Layer 1 - a cute postcard listing all the lovely things in the parcel

Layer 2 - the start of the goodies! 

Layer 3 - squish!

Bianca has been so, so generous! To break it down, she has gifted me:

  • Gorgeous gradient yarn cake
  • Turquoise Drops
  • Small pastel cottons, for my amigurumi
  • Handmade chocolate!
  • Stickers
  • A recipe book, with favourite recipes marked out for me to try
  • Stitch markers, made herself!
  • Swarovski crystal
  • Owl stamp and ink
I can't believe how lucky I am. I cannot wait to work my way through the yarn - the gradient cake is absolutely gorgeous!

I am still assembling my parcel for Miss B - it's nearly done, I am just waiting for one more thing to arrive in the post. Hopefully it comes on Monday! Fingers crossed I can have it sent out by the end of the week! I have really enjoyed the process of shopping for my items though - I think I have made some good choices, but we will see! I posted up a mystery black and white photo of the yarn I have purchased on my Instagram earlier as a little teaser!

Overall, my first Fibreshare experience has been really good fun. I can't wait to send off my parcel and then complete the circle. It's been awesome and I am definitely going to sign up for the next one! Plus, I have gained myself two lovely crochet friends in the process. What more could a girl want!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Week 22

Fab food!

28th May - 4th June

From left to right: my orchid has one last flower, beautiful Indian ladies at a fundraiser on Saturday, our garden is looking really great at the moment, chilli stirfry, henna, rainbow bullet journal page, sequins!, the sunflowers are getting huge, and Indian starters from the Dorset Indian Association's fundraiser for St Mungo's - delicious!

Week 21

Lots of journaling, crochet and a wedding!

21st - 28th May

From left to right: drawing flowers using my awesome line art book from Kelly, finished my otter!, the hubby and I at Gurpriya's wedding, started another rainbowy corner2corner, dandelions in my bullet journal, matched up with my Fibreshare partners!, my lovely friend Gurpriya on her special day, Lupins and Superba looking fab, and my June header page!

Week 20

Lots of sunshine!

14th - 21st May

From left to right: our lovely new Lupins are flowering, corner2corner in the garden, otter progress, went to my ENT appointment to see if someone can fix my ears, dragonfly nymph from the pond, strawberry bubble tea, a fox cub eating my meal worms!, Superba flowers, and our Irises are about to bloom for the first time!

Sunday, 27 May 2018


Hope you're all having a lovely Bank Holiday! I received a lovely yarny parcel in the post today (or rather, collected it from the sorting office) and couldn't wait to get cracking...

Just working a corner to corner blanket (which I think is going to become a new obsession!). I'm using King Cole Flash in Summer Fruits, which is basically a really delicious rainbow gradient. It's such a happy, warm colourway - really bright and cheerful and perfect for such a hot day!

Hoping for lots of exciting things coming up. I have received my Fibreshare partner, so I am going to be putting her parcel together in the next week or so - I can't wait! I've also made some decisions about my crochet lately that have the potential for some excitement, so keep an eye out. I don't know when it'll happen, or how...or even if I have the nerve. Time will tell. I am content with stitching rainbows at the moment though!

For now, I am off to bed. We went to my friend Gurpriya's wedding yesterday (which was so lovely) and I then stayed up til near midnight listening to Queen, so I'm tired! I have just realised that I never posted last weeks "This Week", so I need to do that tomorrow...along with this week's one as well haha! I also need to squeeze in some bullet journaling, as I have no spread set up for next week...thank god for Bank Holidays! It'll be hard to tear myself away from this lovely new project, but I'm gonna have to!

Wednesday, 23 May 2018


I've just finished my first Pica Pau project, and he is so cute! After much drooling over the gorgeous patterns in this book, I decided to make Murray the Sea Otter for my lovely colleague Janine. For those not familiar with these awesome patterns, you can find the book Animal Friends of Pica Pau by Yan Schenkel here!

This little guy was such good fun to make! He is pretty much all one solid piece, except for the arms, nose and ears (and obviously his little jacket). It was so nice not having a million and one pieces to sew together at the end! I opted for colours like the pattern suggested, but I feel anything would work for his little outfit. My little otter is made up of various acrylic yarns that I had in my stash, so at least I didn't have to wait for things to be delivered!

I am absolutely in love with his little face - he is so cute!

For those not sure about amigurumi, I honestly feel this book is a good starter. I have only made Murray so far, but if the other patterns are as well written, it would be a fab way to learn the ropes! And you get such an adorable result as well. I really hope Janine likes him! I now can't wait to make my next Pica Pau friend...but I don't know who to choose!

Also, big shout out to my gorgeous friend Sam who very kindly bought this book for me. I love you loads!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Week 19

Lots of yarny goodness!

7th - 14th May

From left to right: swirly yumminess, Dave and his Dad made a lot den for hedgehogs and other wildlife in our garden, "Prolapse" the Pineapple, my little car passed her MOT, re-potted the sunflowers, pom pom flip flops!, cooking dinner, dotty lettering, and my first Fibreshare!