Wednesday, 23 May 2018


I've just finished my first Pica Pau project, and he is so cute! After much drooling over the gorgeous patterns in this book, I decided to make Murray the Sea Otter for my lovely colleague Janine. For those not familiar with these awesome patterns, you can find the book Animal Friends of Pica Pau by Yan Schenkel here!

This little guy was such good fun to make! He is pretty much all one solid piece, except for the arms, nose and ears (and obviously his little jacket). It was so nice not having a million and one pieces to sew together at the end! I opted for colours like the pattern suggested, but I feel anything would work for his little outfit. My little otter is made up of various acrylic yarns that I had in my stash, so at least I didn't have to wait for things to be delivered!

I am absolutely in love with his little face - he is so cute!

For those not sure about amigurumi, I honestly feel this book is a good starter. I have only made Murray so far, but if the other patterns are as well written, it would be a fab way to learn the ropes! And you get such an adorable result as well. I really hope Janine likes him! I now can't wait to make my next Pica Pau friend...but I don't know who to choose!

Also, big shout out to my gorgeous friend Sam who very kindly bought this book for me. I love you loads!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Week 19

Lots of yarny goodness!

7th - 14th May

From left to right: swirly yumminess, Dave and his Dad made a lot den for hedgehogs and other wildlife in our garden, "Prolapse" the Pineapple, my little car passed her MOT, re-potted the sunflowers, pom pom flip flops!, cooking dinner, dotty lettering, and my first Fibreshare!

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Week 18

Its heating up!

30th April - 7th May

From left to right: sunflowers are growing, happy sunny days, unicorn hair, finished "Beryl" the unicorn, Gary the lizard made an appearance in the garden, space themed bujo, Dave asked for butterscotch Angel Delight for his birthday - I delivered, the kids checking out the lilypad leaves, and fox cubs in the garden!

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Unicorn #1

I've finished my first of two unicorns for my colleague Julie, and she looks absolutely gorgeous!

Before I get started, this was made using the Sweet Unicorn pattern, which you can find here.

She took me a little longer than I hoped, as I ran out of white yarn right as I was about to start on the ears. Luckily, I had all of the colours for her mane and tail, so I cracked on with those while I waited for some more white to arrive (I making another of these, so ordered extra!).

I think she's really different! There are loads of amigurumi unicorn patterns out there, but this one really stands out. Maybe the size of her (she's really tall!) but to me it's the hair that makes it special. The loose curls are really cute. I opted to go for the colours in the original pattern - I may chop and change for the second one, but we shall see.

I found the pattern difficult in places. A few people had left comments on Ravelry saying that they came into difficulty upon attaching the arms - despite counting carefully, I had the same problem, so had to just wing it and make the holes roughly where I thought they looked right. I think I've gotten away with it! I absolutely love the fact the pattern suggests using safety eyes to attach the eyes - it gives you properly jointed arms that are really safe and secure! And I also hate sewing jointed's a pain in the backside. So what an awesome idea!

I also think the eyelashes are a cute addition. I opted to leave out the nostrils, as I was happy with how she looked. Didn't want to overdo it! The stripy horn is achieved by stitching into the back loops, and then hand stitching in the spaces - again, a nice detail.

The hair was really therapeutic to make. You could probably add a few extra rows if you wanted to. I also think it would look cute in a single colour. I may try and incorporate some sparkly yarn or thread into my second one, just to add a bit of sparkle. We'll see though. I really can't wait to make the second one now though!

Alas, I have a tendency to get bored very easily, so I'm going to throw a couple of quick projects into the mix before I start the next one - otherwise I'll get halfway through, decide I don't want to do it anymore, and then have a few months hiatus. It's a very bad habit of mine! I'm intending to make my next project Murray the Sea Otter, from Pica Pau, and a few little bits for the office that I've been meaning to make. Then I should be ready to rock with unicorn #2!

Friday, 4 May 2018

Another Bujo Dump

It's been a while since I shared some of my journal spreads so here we go, starting out with...

Crochet and April

Just a filler between months - a list of my crochet to do list, and a cute little koi header page for April. I have added a few more projects to the crochet list now - it's good to keep track on something other than Ravelry, where I have a million items queued and forget what I'm making for who! Loving my koi header. Infact, I loved it so much that I...

Week 14

...continued it for week one! I am in love with this spread. I love the colours, and I think the fish are so cute! To be honest, I can see myself repeating this one again in the near future - probably with different boxes and spread layout, but I definitely love the fish!

Week 15

Continued the purple. This one didn't turn out as I'd hoped - it looked better once I added the washi tape to the corners, but overall I'm not particularly happy with the lettering or the layout haha! The corner bits made it a bit better though.

Week 16

Decided to move away from purple and go green for this week! This spread took me forever - I really need to buy a ruler and stop using bits of cardboard! I do like how this worked out though. It's hard to see in the picture, but the banners all have a green edging to them, and once I started work on this week, I coloured the triangle habit trackers in green as well.

Week 17

I am in love! I wasn't keen on this spread until I added the birds - I think they set it off nicely! Loving the grey and yellow theme too. The mustard yellow mildliner is the most gorgeous colour, and it matches the light grey beautifully! This is definitely up there in my top five favourite spreads since starting my journal in January!

Week 18 (part 1)

Don't you just hate it when a month ends right at the start of a week? I don't really like continuing into a new month without doing the header, so I did a quick spread here just to finish off April. I actually quite like it (there are blue accents that you can see if you zoom in). On the opposite page, I did my May header. My wonderful friend Kelly got me a Tombow lettering set for my birthday, and I spent almost an hour writing the word "May" over and over, trying to psych myself up to do it properly in my journal. I think I did ok for a first attempt! I definitely need lots of practice (and more confidence!) though - if anyone from the bujo community has any tips, I would love to hear them!

Week 18 (part 2)

Went all out with the colours for the first week of May, and went Mildliner crazy! Been a wile since I drew some bunting. I really like this layout though, and think it'd work with greys nicely too. It's a nice way to start the month!

Next week is nearly finished (I'm going to sort it tomorrow) so I will post that up when it's done. I'm hoping to draw up a few more weeks over the weekend, to put myself a bit further ahead. I've been cutting it fine the last few weeks!

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Week 17

A colourful week!

23rd - 30th April

From left to right: making unicorn hair, chicken with black beans, our finished garden steps looking gorgeous, my work sunflowers have started growing, bujo bunting, sprinkles!, one of our baby fish is turning gold, fried chicken, and prepping for May!

Friday, 27 April 2018

Unicorn Progress

I've been working on a project for the last month or so, on and off - the Sweet Unicorn pattern by Chuchkalova Marina - and it's really starting to take shape! Although to be honest, it does look a little creepy right now...

The head is nearly finished, so she won't look creepy for too long. I'm happy with how she looks at the moment though! This is going to be one of two unicorns for my colleague Julie to give to her Grandaughters.

I was undecided on adding the sprinkles, but I think it breaks up the body nicely. The colours are gorgeous too - I can't wait to start working on her hair! Maybe I'll get her finished this weekend, who knows - I do need to add some more weekly spreads to my bullet journal, so I'll see what happens.

The head is nearly finished now, but I am about to run out of white yarn (there is more on the way!) so I may take my colours into work today and get started on the mane. I can't wait to share some finished photos of her!